Since the dawn of time, wood and termite infestations have been a never-ending saga. If you’ve dealt with termite infestations before, you’d probably know about the potential damage these wood-eating bugs can cause. Often we come across building owners suffering from termite infestations. Their lack of experience with the termites makes them wonder, do termites bite people. If you are an estate owner who holds little-to-no experience with termites (or white ants, as they say), I insist you stay and read on. 

Read on as we reveal more about the termite bites on humans. This Estate Adepts blog shall help you explore the damages caused by termites besides the right ways to get rid of termite infestation. 

Termite Bites on Humans

The termite plague is one of the most dreadful nightmares for an estate owner. It is because a termite colony does a lot more than just eating up the wooden furniture. It damages the architectural structure of the building which could cost you beyond your pockets. It thus becomes essential to look out for termite infestations in your home-sweet-home and take the right measures to stop the same before it’s too late. 

While dealing with termites, it makes sense to question, ‘can termites harm humans?’ I bet you too wonder about the same. And luckily that’s the question we shall seek the answer to, in this section of the blog. 

It is very rare to hear about termite bites on humans. Firstly, because termites love feasting on wood more than skin. And secondly, because their mandibles aren’t strong enough to tear the skin. Not that it is not possible, which of course, is. So, the simple answer to your concern is a No, but as they say, exceptions always exist. Each termite colony has, at least, three types of termites. While one of them is the pair of the king and the queen, the other two include workers and soldiers. Each type of termite has a specified role to play. 

The king and queen are responsible for the reproduction of their kind. The worker termites, on the other hand, build the nest and create tunnels for food. They forage for the feast for the colony. Considering their large head and big mandibles, soldier termites are assigned to defend the nest from alien invasions like ants and other bugs. So, if you ever come across a termite colony, know that it is the soldier caste that is strong enough to bite you. 

In the later sections of the blog, we shall discuss the ways to get rid of termite colonies.

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What Damages Can Termites Cause?

Termite bites on humans are an unusual sight. That being said, we know that termites do not harm people. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about rushing to an emergency ward if a termite bites you. But biting isn’t the only damage termites can cause. Termites, better called wood-feasting insects, are capable enough to cause structural damage to a building. 

If neglected for a long time, a termite colony can cost you a big repair treat of above a few thousand dollars. Did you know that every year, termite infestation costs the US to suffers damage of more than $5 billion? Just to play safe, consider investing in a regular termite control plan. 

What Attracts Termite Bites on Humans?

Of course, a termite colony! 

The one in your estate, at that. 

Termites are small, evil creatures that live off eating through the wood. They can enter your home, office, or building more easily than you think. Over time, they feed on wood and hollow them making the overall structure weak and unstable. The safe house for termites is the dark places with damp wood. The following factors attract termites:

  • Moisture
  • Damp wood
  • Untreated lumber or firewood
  • Wood connected to the building foundation
  • Crack in the exterior of the building

At times, you might be the one bringing in infested wooden logs and unknowingly welcome the termites in. 


Right Way to Know If You Have Termites

The right way is to approach a pest control professional or exterminator!

Being an expert, an exterminator would know of the right ways to get rid of termites. But you can always check for signs to know if your building has termite infestation by yourself. The following signs depict a termite colony:

  • Mud tubes
  • Damaged wood
  • Stuck doors and windows
  • Termite mounds
  • Termite swarm

If you see any or all of the aforesaid signs in your estate, do not delay approaching an exterminator. Because if it is about getting rid of the termites, the thumb rule says, ‘the sooner, the better.’

Getting Rid of Termite Infestation

Tired of playing host for the termites?

We know how it feels to see your property getting deteriorated by a colony of insects because it hurts. And that’s the reason why you must seek expert help to eradicate the same. Removing termites isn’t as easy as getting rid of other domestic pests. No bug spray or net could hold the termites back. And the traditional method is too chemical-oriented. Also, it wouldn’t generate results effectively enough. 

Luckily, there’s this business called pest control where you can find expert help. Hiring an expert exterminator would ensure the eradication of termites at the best prices. You’d save your estate and furniture too.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can termites harm humans?

Termites are a troublesome species of pests. Its infestation in your home can cost you a fortune. But termites do not harm humans, not in general, at least. There are exceptions where you might cross paths with a soldier termite who might bite you while defending its nest. But that’s more than rare. 

2. Do termites bite people?

Everyone coming across a termite colony wonders, do termites bite people?

And given the fact that nobody knows enough about termites and their infestations, it isn’t a wonder. But luckily the termites do not bite. Their jaws are strong enough to tear into your skin. 

3. What happens when a termite bites you?

Although, a termite is unusual, there are incidences where people complain of getting bitten by termites. At the very most, a termite bite can cause redness, itchiness, and a bit of swelling and inflammation, nothing that over-the-counter products cannot cure. 

You can apply antihistamines for the same. However, if the issues persist, pay a visit to an emergency counter.  

4. What does a termite bite look like?

A termite bite looks no different than that of a mosquito or an ant bite. It has red patches that itch. It might cause:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Irritation
  • Pain or 
  • Itchiness

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