The real estate industry refers to an industry that is involved in all sorts of things related to land and buildings, and the real estate industry is a very diverse business. Specifically, in addition to companies and organizations called developers who are mainly engaged in businesses related to residential land development and development of resort facilities, and housing construction companies called house makers, they are also responsible for brokering the sale and rental of properties. There are real estate agents, management companies that manage the property, and home sales companies that sell the property. Although it does not belong to the real estate industry, the construction industry that constructs properties is also closely related to the real estate industry.

On the other hand, Melbourne commercial real estate is a special type, there is also an industry called real estate consulting, which provides advice in response to customer consultations. In the future, the real estate consulting industry will have room for growth. Furthermore, the business related to auctions that have been forced to evict by the court is also the business of the real estate industry. This involves making a successful bid or selling an auctioned property, and it seems that it is often bought and sold with a real estate agent.

As a type of occupation that has been increasing recently, there are also companies that purchase condominiums. This occupation is such as remodeling and renovation of purchased condominiums and selling them, and also sells to intermediaries, etc., and it seems that there are quotas for purchasing, so it is extremely fierce.

There are also companies that specialize in selling investment condominiums. It is mainly targeted at central Tokyo, but we are also involved in sales and sales, and we are also involved in leasing. No real estate expertise is required for this industry.

As mentioned above, the real estate industry is quite diverse, but it can be roughly divided into transaction-related business, leasing-related business, and management business. Some companies are in charge of one of these, while others are in charge of multiple tasks.

What does “work in the real estate industry” mean?

The first job in the real estate industry is sales. The sales of the real estate industry have various impressions, but the classification is also diverse.

This includes sales related to the sale of properties such as condominiums, sales related to brokerage, rental brokerage, and sales targeting corporations such as BtoB. If you work in the real estate industry, you tend to be assigned to sales first. It seems that if you have a residential land and building transaction chief, you may receive some kind of preferential treatment.

Regarding development, we plan and develop the property. Specifically, we plan or develop from the land stage, proceed with the project based on the plan, and build the property and hand it over to the customer. We will practice each work up to. In property management, we handle all property management operations from Hirao. In addition, if it is necessary to deal with various troubles or repair them, we will plan and put them into practice, and we will also formulate future management. Some companies have in-house management work, while others have their own management work. In addition, not only in the real estate industry but also in the general industry, there are occupations such as management, personnel affairs, general affairs, and accounting. Of these, management corresponds to the most important part of managing a company.

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