Solar panels have been one of those many technologies, we all want to acquire, for our estates, of course. Because there comes a whole lot of benefits with them. But living in a community that is so focused on sustainability, the decision of removing solar panels can be seen as taboo. 

Unbeknownst to the fact that it is pretty common to want to remove solar panels, the estate owners are hesitant to discuss how to remove solar panels from roofs. If you are up on some solar panels repair projects or are looking ahead to unmount them, read on. Read on, as we discuss how to remove solar panels from roof. In the following piece from Estate Adepts, we have discussed does removing solar panels damage roof too. Also, have we explored some common concerns surrounding solar panels repair.

So, without miring about it, let’s get to the topic.

The Need to Remove Solar Panels

From time to time, our households need to be refurbished. It’s completely normal to remove, replace, or do some solar panels repair alongside everything else. One can decide to remove the solar panels for a variety of reasons. And it is of utmost importance to know if you need to remove them, or a slight mending would do. Unless you are ending your solar panel lease, the repair is always a better option than removal. It saves manpower, time, and budget, of course. 

Despite them being super-durable, it is more than possible for solar panels to suffer damage. It is essential to know whether or not to replace/remove them in such scenarios. Start by observing the output supply. If your panels are producing just the right output, you can proceed with solar panel repair instead of starting a full-fledged unmount-the-solar-panels-campaign. A variety of other reasons including:

  • You moving out
  • Repairing the roof
  • Removing the solar panels permanently
  • Replacing them can lead you to unmount the solar panels. 

So, before you move ahead and wonder, how to remove solar panels from roof, hold on for a while and ask, ‘Why do I need to remove them?’ 

Once you know your answer, consider consulting a professional (either the original installer or a third-party expert) for the best suggestions. 

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How to Remove Solar Panels from Roof: The Ready-to-Use Guide

The solar panels may be light-weighted, but their components need expert care and precision for removing them off the roof. We suggest you hire a certified professional or an expert electrician to remove solar panels. Unlike how easy it sounds, working in a rooftop environment to remove electrical components does require extra care and expertise. And something suggests, you wouldn’t want to mess with electrical components and risk your safety. 

Working with a professional would ensure that the removal process is completely safe and to the grid. A professional would find the best course of action to complete the task at hand. Everything would be done more efficiently and quickly than you’d do on your own. You wouldn’t have to worry about any recurrent issues either. 

Solar Panels

DIY: Remove Solar Panels

Not that it is anything as complicated as designing a satellite, but yes, removing solar panels from the roof on your own can be quite daunting. But it is possible to DIY. Just remember to be cautious enough. Here’s a brief guide on how to remove solar panels from roofs.

  1. Pull out your insulated gloves. 
  2. Disconnect the panels from circuit breakers and metering equipment.
  3. Be mindful to disconnect the grid interconnections.
  4. Disconnect the panels from their inverters (micro-inverters).
  5. You can also disconnect the plugs from the single inverter.
  6. Undo the bolts and screws that hold the panels to the mounting hardware.
  7. Remove the panels from the rooftop mounting stand one after the other. 
  8. Lay them on the ground carefully or store them wherever you find them suitable. 
  9. Remove the mounting hardware, unless you are installing the new panels. 
  10. Clean the electrical wires/cablings scattered around. 

P.S.: Do not forget to repair the holes drilled on the roof left by the mounting stands. 

Does Removing Solar Panels Damage Roof?

Having second thoughts about removing the solar panels from the roof because it voids the roof warranty?

If yes, you need to read this. One of the biggest concerns estate owners have while removing solar panels is, ‘does removing solar panels damage roof?’

Well, not if your roof is a solar-panel-friendly roof. Always remember that not all rooftops are best-suited to install solar panels. Only the ones with no nominal structural damage are eligible to bear the solar cell sheets. However, you wouldn’t have to worry about solar panels removal damaging your roof if it qualifies for the following factors:

  • Adequate height (of the building)
  • Seismic and wind loads
  • Age of the Roof
  • Roof Type
  • The slope of the Roof
  • Load-bearing capacity of the roof and building

How Solar Panels Removal Can Damage Your Roof?

Every building has an age limit. And solar panels being the durable piece of equipment that they are, it is possible for the building to wear out by the time solar panels are aged enough to be removed. This scenario can, most certainly, lead to the damaging of the roof when the panels are removed. 

Also, improper installation can significantly increase the risk of damage. It can potentially raise the risk of water leakage or fire. Weakening of the roof’s structure is yet another damage that removing solar panels can cause. When the roof’s structure is damaged, its ability to withstand the outrageous environment decreases. Also, decreases its ability to bear weight. All these factors eventually can void the roof warranty. 

How to Prevent Roof Damage Caused by Solar Panels Removal?

The best way to prevent roof damage is to invest in an efficient installation process. It involves drilling holes into the right places and securing the panels properly. A professional installer would know the right course of action to do so. He’ll drill the holes just fine and take all the necessary precautions to avoid the damage. The risk of solar panels installation damaging the roof is potentially low if done right. But just to be on the safer side, we insist you involve yourself in the timely repair of the roof. It would save your roof from damage when you remove the panels. 

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