Rachel Bradshaw, a competitive Realtor, had always been in the limelight for her personable and knowledgeable persona. The former country singer is now the renowned Rachel Bradshaw realtor who knows what she does. She has contributed to the Dallas real estate industry with her creative approaches and patience while managing her clients. 

As a potent member of The Rosen Group at Compass, Bradshaw has done a great deal to score dream estates for her clients. And that’s been one of the many reasons behind her fame and popularity. But did you know that besides being a successful real estate agent and an ex-country singer, Rachel is also the daughter of the American football icon Terry Bradshaw?

Terry’s daughter had lived in the limelight all her life. She had been accustomed to fame, news, and paparazzi ever since. But Rachel’s presence on The Bradshaw Bunch took her popularity to another level. This piece from the Estate Adepts shall help you get an in-depth look into Rachel’s life.

Read through to find everything you need to know about Ms. Bradshaw.

About Rachel Bradshaw Realtor

Rachel Bradshaw was born to Terry Bradshaw and his third wife, Charla Hopkins in, 1987. The 34-years old real estate agent grew up in Westlake, Texas. The words of mouth suggest Rachel be pretty close to her footballer dad. Rachel resides in Dallas with her two adorable dachshunds. She loves spending time with her family and friends.

She completed her higher education at Belmont College from Business. Several online sources claim that Rachel was a Music student at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. It was her love for music that encouraged her to complete her graduation in music. After quitting music in late 2014, Rachel decided to pursue a career in real estate. Since then, Terry Bradshaw’s daughter Rachel became popular as Rachel Bradshaw Realtor.

Rachel Bradshaw Family

As stated above, Rachel is a proud daughter of NFL Pittsburgh Steelers’ pro player Terry Bradshaw. Terry’s full name is Terry Paxton Bradshaw. He is popularly known for winning his NFL team, Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Championships (1975, 1976, 1779 and, 1980). Selected as a Steelers’ player in 1970, Terry became a full-time quarterback player in 1972. All thanks to his excellent skills, Terry is now a former footballer and American football icon. 

Rachel Bradshaw Realtor’s mother, Charla Hopkins, is an American family lawyer and a celebrated author. Following her marriage to former footballer Bradshaw, Hopkins rose to fame in the media and the sports world. Sharing a 16-years long married life with Terry Bradshaw, Charla Hopkins had parented two beautiful daughters, Rachel and Erin. The couple parted via divorce in 1999. However, none of them specified the reason for their separation.

Besides her parents, Rachel lived her childhood with her sibling Erin Bradshaw. Erin is an international equestrian. The 32-years old Bradshaw beauty studied Fashion Marketing at the University of North Texas before exploring a career in Equestrianism. In 2017, Erin walked down the aisle with Scott Weiss. And since then, the couple has been living together on a ranch in Texas, USA.

Rachel’s career as a Country Singer

Before exploring her skills as a realtor, Bradshaw beauty, Rachel was a country singer. Rachel Bradshaw realtor had enjoyed about a decade-long music career. She started her career in music as a solo country artist. She is best known for her performance at the opening of an NFL match between the Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys in 2019. Rachel sang the national anthem and has received phenomenal attention since then. Terry’s daughter had collaborated with the renowned singer-songwriter Jerrod Niemann to co-write “What Do You Want.” Bradshaw is widely known as a member of the Stella/James band. Stella James is a Nashville-based music band that specializes in making countryside music. The band is composed of three members. The trio has released several of their original singles on their self-titled Sound/Cloud account.

Although presently famous as a licensed member of the National Association of Realtors, Rachel has her name on the elite list of Richest Country Singers.

How Did Rachel Bradshaw Become Realtor?

Rachel credits her parents for her strong will and championship personality. She is said to approach all of her real estate projects with a personal and creative approach. The Bradshaw girl is known in the Dallas real estate world for her patience and round-the-clock availability. As a realtor, she has quite a successful career. Her clients suggest the reason for Rachel’s success to be her professionalism and habit of treating their projects as if they were her own.

Before forging a career in real estate, Rachel worked in the music industry and enjoyed a successful tenure. When her husband Rob Bironas died in a car accident in September 2020, Rachel quit music and moved back to her family home. After some time, she completed her higher studies in Business. Soon she earned her NAR membership. Presently, Bradshaw is a member of The Rosen Group, Compass.

Founded in the early 1940s, The Rosen Group is a renowned private real estate development and management company. Bradshaw is a real estate agent in the group. She specializes in buying, selling, renting, auctioning, and advertising real estate properties under The Rosen Group.

Personal Life of Rachel Bradshaw

Rachel had always been a people’s person. In 2012, Bradshaw attended an event dedicated to the benefits of breast cancer research. There she met Rob Bironas. Bironas was a lead kicker of the NFL team Tennessee Titans. With 1032 points in his credit, Rob ranks second highest in NFL history. The air around the internet says that the two met at the research event and fell for each other.

On June 28th, 2014, Rob and Rachel tied knots and decided to live happily. But fate had other plans. Three months after their wedding, Rob died in a car crash 1 kilometer away from his home. The cause of the accident is said to be his failure to control his car, a GMC Yukon Denali.

Who is Rachel Dating Now?

Rachel dated Dustin Huges in September 2020. Dustin is a production manager and writer. In the show (The Bradshaw Bunch), Rachel told the audience that the couple is engaged. She said that they are planning to get married soon. Rachel was so enthralled to take her relationship with Hughes to the next level that she had even shopped for her wedding dress.

But for some reason, things didn’t work as planned. Eventually, the couple had to part ways. As of now, Rachel Bradshaw is single and happily indulged in her real estate career.

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