If you want to buy or sell real estate, you must have a qualification as a real estate agent, and you need a license for a real estate transaction business to open a business. Also, it is not possible to open a business without having an office.

After opening the office, apply to the prefectural governor where the office is located.

However, if you buy, sell or broker real estate without a license for the home building business, you will be punished for violating the residential land and building transaction business.A real estate broker is a person who handles real estate and earns

100 percent commission real estate Broker FL income without holding a license for home building business.We will intervene in real estate transactions in a way that does not conflict with the Home Building Business Law, involving real estate companies that have a home building business license because they do not have qualifications.

However, there is no guarantee if a problem occurs with a property involving a real estate broker.

How Real Estate Brokers Make Money:

In general, real estate brokers get involved in sales contracts in a way that does not touch the Home Building Business Law, with the real estate company acting as an intermediary. For example, in many cases, you earn income in the name of a referral fee. You get a commission called a referral fee mainly by acting as an intermediary between the buyer’s real estate agent and the seller’s real estate agent.

The referral fee is about 10 to 30% if you only talk, and it can be as high as 50% if you are involved in a large contract.

Generally, the properties we handle are high-priced properties such as condominiums and buildings, and therefore the parties to the sale are often corporations.

What are the sources of information for real estate brokers?

There are various sources of information for brokers, and they use various personal connections to obtain property information.

There are a wide variety of people related to real estates such as local real estate companies, condominium construction companies, housing manufacturers, landowners, other brokers, and local lawmakers.

However, many major real estate companies do not like contact with brokers, and there are many cases where they are biased toward some real estate companies.

It is also a profitable secret to constantly develop new sources of information and obtain new information. However, there is an example of tricking a house into buying it and running away from it.

Land prices that are extremely cheaper than the market price should be suspected of having pitfalls. It’s easy to think that you can build a house if the land is residential land, but you need to be careful because it will be built in an urbanized area instead.

Deceive the deposit:

I really wanted to buy the land, so I paid the deposit via a real estate broker.

However, I do not bring a receipt or contract.

An example in which the broker could not be contacted and the deposit could not be returned.

Sale and sale of properties for sale:

・ Obtain information such as idle land of a company or land where inheritance has occurred, and make it look like a sale even though it is not a property for sale.

This is a good purchase, with prospective buyers, and when they get a referral fee, they sell away.

・ I bought the building because it will be relocated within 2 months through the mediation of a broker.

However, the story of relocation is still a long way off, and the introduction fee is taken first and the building remains as it is.

Charge a consulting fee:

An example of a self-proclaimed real estate consultant who is a broker being charged money without any consultation or convenience.

A real estate consultant is usually a person approved by the “Real Estate Distribution Promotion Center” and is a real estate consultant skill registrant.

If you think something is wrong, you need to check the cost details as to what kind of consulting work you will do.

Transactions through real estate brokers have no guarantee or insurance

Real estate brokers have no guarantee:

Real estate companies cannot obtain a license without joining the Guarantee Association. Therefore, if you have a home building license, you are a member of the Guarantee Association.If you are a legitimate real estate company that is a member of the Guarantee Association, the Guarantee Association will take over the repayment in the event of a bankruptcy or other trouble.

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