Imagine a perfect summer day!

Lying down in the garden doing nothing but pampering yourself. How enticing, isn’t it?

Of course, it is. But lying on the grass bed isn’t as appealing and comfortable as lying on a cozy daybed. 

Daybeds are like all-in-one furniture. They have a bed and a sofa or, couch on the same piece of furniture. Just one look at those smart pieces of furniture and you have a strong desire to own them. That’s how it happens, right? But when it is about picking the best daybed, you are in for a whole lot of confusion. That goes without saying. You do not know which daybed is the best choice or what material is durable and ideal for outdoor arrangements. Luckily that’s the thing this Estate Adepts blog talks about. 

Recently, rattan daybeds have become a popular choice for outdoor furniture. They are aesthetic, beautiful, and weatherproof, meaning you wouldn’t have to worry about arranging them outside. The appealing benefits associated with rattan outdoor daybeds make them an item of must-have furniture for gardens, backyards, or domestic landscapes. 

Looking ahead to add a cozy, weatherproof daybed to your garden?

If yes, I insist you stop and read this. Here, we discuss the ultimate guide to choose the best rattan daybeds. So, read on. 

Rattan Outdoor Daybed

If you own or have seen one of those woven, bamboo furniture, chances are you already know about rattan. You might not know the right name, but you, most certainly, do know about it. But just in case, here we go. 

Rattan refers to the thin, long, and spiny bamboo or palm stems used to weave furniture. A piece of rattan furniture can include anything from tables, chairs, stools, couches to beds and daybeds. Having light-weighted stems, rattan is an ideal weaving material to weave furniture. 

A world market rattan daybed in the garden can create an aesthetic, comfortable, and perfect summer scene (only if placed strategically). And trust us, it is a wonderful idea to add a daybed to your landscaping. These super-functional daybeds make spending time outdoors so damn easy and relaxing. Besides being ergonomic and aesthetic, the rattan outdoor daybeds serve every bit of the welcoming ambiance. They enhance your exterior spaces like anything.   

Wicker vs Rattan Daybed

Often we see people getting confused between wicker and rattan. They used the two completely different terms interchangeably. 

Yes, the two different terms!

Here’s what you need to know about the difference between wicker and rattan. Rattan, as stated above, is a weaving material while on the other hand, wicker is a weaving technique. Like in knitting, yarn is used to knit the clothes. Here, yarn is the material used for knitting, while knitting is the weaving technique used to make clothes. 

But who knew that wicker isn’t an actual material but a technique?

Luckily, you know it now. And you wouldn’t be confused the next time you shop for some rattan furniture. 


Uses of Rattan Outdoor Daybeds

As the name daybed suggests, the rattan outdoor daybeds aren’t used just to lie down in your backyard or garden. You can sit, sit and work or serve a party on the platter on a daybed, just equally well. A typical daybed has three closed sides and an opening. It makes them perfect furniture for sunny days. Some daybeds come with fixed canopies to protect you against the sun. Finding an open daybed isn’t tough either. 

Choosing a world market rattan daybed with a retractable canopy would mean you can open it to devour yourself in sunbathing or retract it to sit in the shade. That’s just up to you. And just because it is a daybed, it doesn’t mean that you are bound to use it outdoors only. You can arrange your daybed inside too. Use it as a bed, sofa or couch or however you like.

Love those late-night star-gazing sessions? Arrange them outside in the open. 

Looking for trendy, comfortable, and countryside furniture for your living room? Set the daybed inside as a sofa. Complement it with a pair of rattan stools and a table. 

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How to Choose the Right Rattan Daybed?

The rattan daybeds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. You can choose one that suits your budget from the vast range of prices. The following rattan daybed buying tips shall help you find the right daybed for your home-sweet-home.  

1. Size Matters Like No Other Thing

Having read so far, you already know that the daybeds come in different sizes. And I bet you wouldn’t want to invest in furniture that doesn’t fit your space. Besides, neither too big nor too small a daybed would look appealing to the overall landscape. 

So, consider the amount of space available while selecting the daybed. 

2. Materials Used

The world market rattan daybeds are made using a variety of materials. And each of them has a different manufacturing process. Some of them are manufactured via an environment-friendly process while the others resort to some not-so-eco-friendly methods. 

Also, if the rattan daybed is made using weatherproof, recyclable material, it should last for a long time. You wouldn’t have to stress yourself for the elements damaging your outdoor furniture.

3. Cushioning Counts

Thin cushioning is just not comfortable. It wears out fast and you cannot sit or lie on it for a long time (’cause’ it hurts). So, always go for thick, padded cushions. They offer the best relaxation and comfort. If you want to keep your latest smart furniture outdoors, consider going for weatherproof cushioning. 

4. Right Style and Colour

Not so sure about which daybed style is right for you?

Hold on and analyze your options. There’s this open daybed, one with a fixed hood and the style with retractable canopies. I suggest you pick the one with a retractable hood. At convenience, you can adjust the hood and enjoy the perks of all three designs in the same daybed. 

And for the color, choose the pick that sits well with your interior (only if you are to place the daybed inside). If the plan is to keep it outdoors, choose the color that complements your personality or goes well with your outdoor décor.

5. Perks of Modular Designs

The best thing about modular furniture is that they are flexible to be transformed. As per the space available in hand, you can alter the style and maximize the efficiency of the furniture. 

Top Benefits of World Market Rattan Daybed

Everybody would tell you that the rattan daybeds come with a long list of benefits. But only a handful of them would elaborate on those benefits. Here we have compiled a list of benefits of rattan daybeds. 

  • Strong and Durable: Longevity is one of the biggest perks of rattan daybeds. They are damn durable and super reliable. 
  • Versatile designs that sit well with every interior (exterior as well): Not every piece of furniture is cool enough to sit well with every interior or exterior. You need to be picky to find what suits your aesthetic arrangement. Luckily, the rattan daybeds are great for traditional, contemporary, and transitional arrangements as well. 
  • Affordability: Buying a rattan daybed would never cost you a fortune, trust us at that. So, creating a comfortable and visually appealing outdoor space is not just a beyond-the-budget thing anymore. 
  • Worthwhile: Finding the best rattan outdoor daybed might take a bit of time, but the outcome shall be worthwhile.
  • Weather Proof Furniture: The pouring days and the stress to protect furniture against the elements can be dreadful. Fortunately, the rattan furniture is weatherproof. It shall stand strong against any and every weather for a long time. 
  • Comfort: You can style your rattan furniture in a lot more ways than you can imagine. Add cushions or stuffed toys to optimize your comfort. Transform the style from bed to sofa, couch, or vice-versa.  
  • UV Protection: The UV rays can be the death of your outdoor furniture. What material can probably stand the tests of UV rays and adverse environments?
  • Rattan is the answer.
  • Flexibility: When I say rattan daybed is an all-in-one piece of furniture, I mean the perks of flexibility associated with it. It can be transformed from to bed, couch or sofa, at convenience. 

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