Almost every realtor (or the real estate professional, as you may prefer calling) spends a big fraction of his working hours on contracts and database management (the property data, of course). This is the precious time that should rather be spent on chasing down leads or closing deals. If you are a real estate agent, you must focus on building contacts and growing your business. You should not let any task occupy the space on your daily calendar if it could be done by an assistant.

But real estate professionals often avoid hiring assistants for an n-number of reasons. Realtors new to the real estate industry often believe that extended working hours could help them. They believe that it could make up for the time they lose while managing listings, calendars, appointments, or property databases. It could help you if you aim to close a deal or two every month. But the same becomes quite difficult if you close 30 to 50 deals every year. Besides, you cannot continue to spend your family/personal time at work forever. Hiring a professional help (real estate virtual assistant) could be a practical option.

The real estate virtual assistants come in handy. They do all the time-consuming tasks allowing you to focus on things that are lots more important. When I say lots more important things, I mean meeting clients, visiting properties, reading market details, building contacts, and closing deals, without a doubt. Read through this piece from Estate Adepts to everything about the real estate virtual assistants.

What is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

As understood from the name real estate virtual assistant, we are talking about a virtual assistant. The real estate VA is someone who works for your real estate company remotely (usually from offshore locations). He provides various services concerning your real estate business from remote or office locations. Expert in working on a variety of tasks, a real estate VA is a generalist dedicated to serving your company as per your requirements.

A good virtual assistant does everything from

  • Setting appointments
  • Calendar management
  • Data entry
  • Listings management
  • Responding to chats and emails
  • And everything that you want him/her to.

The basic purpose of real estate virtual assistants is to free up the daily calendar of their boss. As these assistants are virtual, they usually work from remote areas. But the difference in their working location doesn’t affect their working hours. They in fact work just as long as you do every day and are equally productive.

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What Tasks Do Real Estate Virtual Assistants Perform?

The list of tasks performed by the real estate virtual assistant is surprisingly long. They can practically do every task thrown at them. It includes researching property details, cold calling, lead generation activities besides data entry and listings management. The repetitive tasks that leave you with very little time to concentrate on growing your business are better left under real estate VA.

The following are the tasks that the real estate virtual assistants usually perform.

  • Real estate research
  • Respond to chats, e-mails, and phone communications
  • Draft emails and letters
  • Data Entry
  • Data mining
  • Uploading and managing listings
  • Appointments Scheduling/Calendars Management
  • Social media management and marketing
  • Design graphics and advertisements
  • Database management

Key Benefits of Hiring Real Estate Virtual Assistants?

The biggest benefit of hiring an assistant (rather virtual) is that you save a lot of your precious time and focus on doing things that matter. Saving costs on hiring expensive local staff is yet another benefit of outsourcing a real estate VA. Keep reading to discover the key benefits of hiring a real estate virtual assistant.

  1. Manage Social Media Accounts: The benefit of a strong presence on social media platforms is acknowledged by businesses in every industry. It is a cost-effective and quick method to approach your target audience. Like other successful businesses, the real estate business owners too spend a great deal of their time active on social media. But, let me remind you, a constant presence on leading social media platforms is not the key here.
    You need to ensure that your posts are worth attention. See that you are using the right hashtags, post regularly, and maintain a result-oriented social media campaign. But you cannot invest all your time in managing social media accounts, right?
    How about getting little help from a virtual assistant?
  1. Design, Post and Maintain Listings: If you are into the real estate business, you surely must intend on closing as many deals as you can every once in a while. You must also use numerous sites to list your estates. And we know how time-consuming it can be to design, post, or and maintain listings on various platforms at once (not to forget keeping up with your clientele). A benefit of employing a virtual assistant would mean that your listings are always optimized and updated.
  2. Property Research: The most time-consuming task in the real estate business is property research. You need to know about all the estates in your region. But the data seems to change every then and now. It eventually means that property research is a routine, repetitive, and time-consuming task. If you intend on working on closing deals or meeting clients, we recommend you leave property research stuff with your real estate virtual assistants.
  3. Responding to Chats and emails: The bigger your business, the more the chats and inquiries you receive. Answering these chats, emails, and inquiries could take forever, especially when you have so many things on your plate. And trust us, these mails and chats pile up super quick.

Unless they are important, how about letting an assistant respond to them?

How Much Does Outsourcing Real Estate VA Cost Your Firm?

In a business world where every little expense affects your overall budget and revenue, hiring a virtual assistant makes sense. Unlike local office staff, outsourcing the real estate virtual assistants costs less to your company. The local staff is not only expensive but also ignorant to perform tasks beyond their comfort. But the same is not the case with virtual assistants. They can perform almost every task that too at lower CTC.

Also, the real estate virtual assistants are paid on an hourly basis. It means that they are paid only for the work that they do.

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