The consumption of video content in today’s digital age has grown exponentially. As per a research report, it was found that over 79% of the customers would rather watch a video to learn about a product or service than reading text. You will be surprised to learn that businesses using video were able to grow the company revenue 49% faster on a year-over-year basis than organizations who were not using videos.

You will be amazed to know that over 39% of the homebuyers have used sites with embedded videos during their home searches. Out of all those who did, over 56% found videos to be quite useful in their home search journey. Let’s delve deeper into why real estate marketers need to incorporate videos in 2021.

Importance of Video Marketing for Real Estate

Videos are gradually becoming an indispensable part of real estate marketing campaigns. Video content created using video editors like InVideo are highly impactful and engaging. It is easier for the customers to grasp and retain the communication in their minds.

A well-captured and edited real estate video can be highly valuable for the buyers as well as the sellers. It could be a virtual tour shot on a smartphone or aerial footage captured by a drone. Some of the most important reasons why videos are so helpful for real estate marketing are as follows.

1. Reliable Lead Generation Approach

 Video marketing for real estate provides real estate agents with an effective way to generate leads on all stages of the sales funnel. At the very top of the digital sales funnel, it can help to develop page views. You will be surprised to learn that pages with embedded videos get over 157% more organic search results.

In the middle part of the funnel, a compelling video can persuade customers to approach the seller or the real estate agent. On property listing websites, videos help to generate over four times more leads.

2. Multiple-use Cases

 Well-shot property videos are highly dynamic and can be used for tours, testimonials, and more. It can be used to deliver a thorough guided tour inside a residence. Customer testimonials about their experience with a given real estate agent can work well in the favor of the seller and the agent. It is also used during pre-property listings to introduce the agents and their approach to finding the best home for the buyers.

3. An Immersive Experience

Buying a home is among the most important investments for the common people. They need to know every detail about the property they are going to buy. Videos can help to effectively showcase everything they need to see before they consider it for their final purchase. To find more information about importance of branding, you should try Amazon software for Amazon sales.

Whether it is a starter home or a luxurious residence, videos help buyers to make more sound decisions. Many times, when buyers cannot physically visit the place for the first inspections, they rely on real estate videos to learn about the surroundings.

In a Nutshell

Businesses in most industries, including real estate, are leveraging the power of video marketing to communicate effectively with their customers. It provides them with a flexible approach to offer and educate the customers about their services.

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