There are tons of things that one must consider while investing in building his dream house. Chances are you might already know about the extensive list of things you must keep in mind. It includes everything starting from the house layout, its design, construction engineer, your budget, and even the construction material.  

When it comes to getting the construction material for our home-sweet-home, we want nothing besides the best because a dream home isn’t something you can alter every other day. Is it?

Of course not.

But gone are days when we had limited options to choose from. Today, the development in construction materials had put before a wide range of choices to pick from. For instance, you are no longer limited to choose the traditional clay bricks to build walls. There’s an extremely great variety of bricks one can choose from to construct any sort of building. One of the most convenient bricks these days is the hollow brick. You can efficiently invest in hollow clay bricks without having to compromise with the quality. 

Although popular in the architectural world, the hollow brick is yet to become a household name, despite its benefits. Estate Adepts has come up to help you understand the benefits these terracotta hollow bricks offer. A comparison of hollow bricks vs normal bricks below shall help you discover why the hollow clay bricks are lots better than the traditional bricks.

What are Hollow Bricks?

Let’s understand the concept of hollow brick before getting ahead to compare the same with the traditional terracotta bricks. 

So, the hollow brick is the brick with numerous holes in it, hence the name. Made using clay and baked into the oven to strengthen, the hollow bricks are also known as the terracotta hollow bricks or hollow clay bricks. Whether you plan to build a load-bearing or non-load-bearing building, the hollow bricks shall always be a choice worth considering. 

Besides, the hollow bricks are just as good and efficient as the traditional bricks that too at a reduced budget. They are environment-friendly, energy-efficient, and fire-resistant. And one can use them in constructing any sort of building. Also, irrespective of the type of hollow brick you are looking ahead to buy, you will always find that the hollow bricks price is way less than that of the traditional clay bricks. 

Hollow Bricks vs Normal Bricks

Haven’t bricks been just as old as the idea of construction itself?

For ages, they have been used to build all sorts of buildings. Today, bricks have become one of the foremost important construction materials. You can easily find various types of bricks in the market. Of all the options available, your top choices shall include the traditional clay bricks and hollow clay bricks. The traditional clay bricks are great without a doubt. 

But made using the best technologies, the terracotta hollow bricks have become the need of the hour. They are designed to suffice our contemporary lifestyles. Hence, you must wisely choose which brick is the best befit for your building. Here’s a brief comparison of hollow bricks vs normal bricks to help you make the appropriate choice.

Normal BrickHollow Clay Brick
Rectangular and solid structureHorizontally perforated
Made using a mix of clay, sand, lime, magnesia, and iron oxideMade using a mix of clay, coal ash, rice husk ash, sawdust, and fly ash
Used on walls, footpaths, brick flooring, garden bedsUsed to make load/non-load bearing infrastructures
Non-environment friendlyEco-friendly
The process of manufacturing the traditional clay bricks is harmful to the environment. It uses the top layer of soil as a key raw material.The raw materials used are non-toxic and environment-friendly.  
The normal bricks are costlier than hollow bricksThe hollow bricks price is budget-friendly

Why Choose Hollow Bricks to Build Homes?

Because they are perforated and hollow from inside, you might feel anxious about using the hollow bricks in your buildings. You might wonder if, these bricks are strong enough to hold your load-bearing buildings together. But trust us with this one. The hollow bricks are presently the most used in any sort of construction. As long as you ensure using the best mortar, the terracotta hollow bricks are perfect for your estate construction. 

Choose Hollow Bricks to Build Homes

Here are some reasons that make hollow bricks the best choice for your building:

  1. Efficient usage
  2. Environment friendly
  3. Cost-effective
  4. Easy electrical installation
  5. Thermal insulation
  6. Sound insulation
  7. Fire resistant
  8. Low maintenance
  9. Less mortar consumption
  10. Less water absorption
  11. Reduce the risk of dampness
  12. Induce speedy construction 

Hollow Bricks Advantages

The hollow bricks are an innovative new-age invention that eases the struggle of expensive and time-taking construction of buildings. They come before us as a perfect alternative to the traditional bricks. In many instances, the hollow bricks are ways better than the normal clay bricks. They offer greater advantages. Now that you are at it, let’s also take a look at the benefits a hollow brick offers. 

Following are the most popular hollow bricks advantages:

  1. They are fire-resistant 
  2. Keeping the interior environment cool during summers and warm during winters, the hollow clay bricks save lots of energy used by the Air-Conditioners and Room heaters. Hence, they are energy-saving.
  3. Made using non-toxic raw material, the hollow bricks are eco-friendly.
  4. The perforated hollow bricks price is lesser than that of the normal bricks. Hence, are cost-effective. 
  5. They are a perfect substitute for traditional clay bricks. 
  6. Durability is one of the unique features of hollow bricks. They are suitable for constructing buildings in earthquake-prone regions.
  7. Because they are light-weighted, the hollow bricks reduce the cost of dead load. Providing ease of handling, these bricks facilitate faster construction. 

Hollow Bricks Disadvantages

Just as with everything else, the hollow bricks have their drawbacks. They might be insignificant but, there are some hollow brick disadvantages you must know about. Following are the minor hollow bricks disadvantages:

  1. It isn’t safe to hang extremely heavy objects on the walls made using hollow bricks.
  2. These bricks are vulnerable to salt attacks.
  3. Hollow bricks are not a suitable choice for foundation and base slabs.

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