Being a homeowner can be a lot of work! We all know that there are many chores to do every day. Some of these tasks are easy, like folding laundry or making dinner. Others take more time and energy, like cleaning the carpets or scrubbing the kitchen floor. But it doesn’t have to be this way! You can use some simple tricks to make your home look great without spending hours at it each week. Read on for our list of efficient and wallet-friendly tips for keeping your house clean with minimal effort and the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a residential clean up service!

  1. Organize your cleaning supplies: place them in an accessible area, and start with a clean slate!
  2. Start with a clean slate: give everything in the home a good wipe down and vacuum!
  3. Sweep and mop often. Use microfiber cloths for dusting to avoid making too much of a mess when you’re finished.
  4. Wash windows on sunny days, so they dry quickly without leaving streaks behind.
  5. Clean bathrooms every day or two using disinfectant wipes that are made for this purpose—disinfectants are key if you want sanitized surfaces without having to scrub around grout all day long!
  6. Scrub kitchen countertops at least once per week while food is still fresh before it has time to dry out and become unsightly.
  7. Keep a rag in your oven and wipe up spills immediately after they happen since it’s very difficult to clean the inside of an oven once food has baked onto its surfaces.
  8. Clean out your fridge once per week, removing old food and wiping down the interior with disinfectant wipes.
  9. Vacuum floors weekly if you have carpeted areas in your home or at least monthly for hardwood or tile flooring; ensure that carpets are deodorized as well (you can do this by sprinkling baking soda on them before vacuuming).
  10. Take the time once per year to deep-clean your home by moving furniture, cleaning blinds and baseboards, washing floors thoroughly (including under appliances), etc.
  11. Add color to your home with plants. Please put them in strategic spots around the house, like by a window where they can get light or on top of kitchen cabinets so that you’re encouraged to eat more fruits and veggies.
  12. Clean less often but better; make sure there is always time set aside for deep cleaning throughout the year rather than attempting quick fixes daily or weekly (which will not be as effective).
  13. Create an inviting atmosphere: keep surfaces clear, declutter regularly, play music while you clean (it’s scientifically proven that listening to music is more energizing and makes work feel less like a chore).
  14. When you put things away, make sure they are organized neatly. For example, place books on an attractive shelf or stack DVDs onto a media stand to be seen easily. Organized living spaces look clean without requiring any effort to maintain!
  15. Make your cleaning products at home using ingredients that you already have in the kitchen cupboard; these are cheaper than store-bought cleaners with similar chemical properties (for instance, baking soda has many of the same grease-cutting capabilities as oven cleaners), but it won’t smell as strong when mixed with water—perfect for getting rid of stubborn stains from plastic dishes.

There is a need to hire a residential clean-up service in case one is unavailable to do all the cleaning.


The advantages of hiring a residential clean up service are:

  • They know the right way to clean each room in the house.
  • Efficient in their work and will get started right away without wasting any time.
  • They have all the necessary equipment to clean your home, such as vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, etc.
  • If you’re experiencing a busy lifestyle, then they can do most of what needs doing while you’re at work or out for an errand.
  • They have the equipment needed for cleaning every surface and space

The disadvantages are:

  • Can be very expensive to hire a professional cleaner. Professional services usually charge high fees. Some people may not be able to afford it monthly and extra charges if one requires service outside regular working hours.
  • Most offer no guarantee of satisfaction with service rendered

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