Skyscrapers are the engineering feats that add colors to the already gorgeous estate areas of the cities, states, and countries. 

There’s this thing where people designate cities as urbanized based on the number of high-rise buildings it has. Not are these tall buildings aka, skyscrapers only a symbol of modern, and urbanized metropolitan society but they also provide a glamourous look to them. Seeing these super-tall high-rises can definitely be enticing but nothing compares to the pleasure of owning an apartment in one of these buildings. 

If you are an aspiring realtor, real estate agent, or someone interested in skyscrapers in India, you must read this blog. Here stands Estate Adepts with a list of tallest buildings in India.

Skyscrapers in India

While this blog is about the tallest building in India, we shall talk about the same without a doubt. But because it is about the skyscrapers in India, we must take some time to understand what skyscrapers are. Before diving into the list of tallest buildings in India, we must know what buildings qualify to be called skyscrapers and which building was the first skyscraper in the world. So, without any ado, let’s get to the point.

If you hit your search engine with a query like what is a skyscraper, you are likely to get a result page defining them as the “extremely tall buildings”. But there’s more to know about the definition of skyscrapers beyond the “three-word meaning. 

The term Skyscraper was initially coined to designate the buildings that had steel-framed construction. Back in the late nineteenth century, these buildings were usually about 10-storeys high. As of now, a skyscraper is a high-rise building, usually 100 to 150 meters high or more. Although there’s no specified definition to it, realtors define skyscrapers as continuously habitable extremely tall buildings.  

What was the first building in the world to have more than 100 floors?

Because I defined the skyscrapers as continuously habitable buildings, you might wonder what was the first building in the world to have more than 100 floors? Well, here’s the answer to your query. 

It might sound unbelievable but, the first building in the world to have more than 100 floors is about a century old. Completed in the early 1930s, The Empire State Building in New York happens to be the first building with over 100 floors in the world. The American Society of Civil Engineers even named The Empire State Building as one of the seven wonders of the modern world. 

If you are to talk about India, the first skyscraper of the sub-continent was a 12-floor LIC Building from Chennai. And until 1961, it was the tallest building in India. 

List of Tallest Buildings in India

Now let’s come back to the topic that matters the most here, the list of tallest buildings in India. Mumbai is undoubtedly the home to the majority of the skyscrapers in India. 9 of the 10 buildings from the list of tallest buildings in India come from the city of dreams, Mumbai alone. 

1. Omkara, Mumbai (450 meters)

omkara building in india
omkara building in india

Omkara, the group of three super high-rise skyscrapers is the tallest building in India. It is a multi-skyscraper project started in 1973. The three Omkara towers together are also known to be Mumbai’s tallest building. Two of three towers in Omkara are home to over 400 sky bungalows. While towers A and B are completed with 76 and 75-storeys respectively, tower C still remains under construction for 68-floors. 

2. Imperial 3, Mumbai (400 meters)

Imperial 3 building in india
Imperial 3 building in india

Standing 400 meters high, Imperial 3 is the second Mumbai tallest building. Constructed in 2010, Imperial 3 happens to be the most recognized residential complex in the city. It is a part of the Imperial twin-tower residential skyscraper located in Tardeo. 

3. Three Sixty West Tower, Mumbai (366 meters)

Three Sixty West Tower building in india
Three Sixty West Tower in india

The Three Sixty West Tower, otherwise known as the Three Sixty B was constructed in 2016. The two towers in Three Sixty comprise Ritz Carlton Hotel and luxury residences. 

4. Lodha- The Park, Mumbai (320 meters)

Lodha- The Park building in india
Lodha- The Park building in india

Situated in Worli, Mumbai Lodha-The Park is yet another tallest building in India. The construction of the 4th tallest building in India started in 2013 and was recently completed in 2020. This skyscraper in India is known for sighting beautiful landscapes with a private park. 

5. Palais Royale, Mumbai (320 metres)

Palais Royale building in india
Palais Royale building in india

Palais Royale stands 320 meters high in the lower Parel of Mumbai. This high-rise residential complex was started in 2008. Completed after a thorough construction in 2018, the Palais Royale has about 120 apartments. It also houses amenities like a cinema house, spa, swimming pools, spa, and more.

6. Namaste Tower, Mumbai (316 meters)

Namaste Tower building in india
Namaste Tower building in india

This skyscraper from Mumbai was built exactly a decade ago in 2011. Resembling a Namaste (traditional Indian greeting) gesture, the building was designed by Alkins agricultural firm. This Mumbai tallest building has about 68 floors. 

7. The 42 Tower, Kolkata (268 meters)

The 42 Tower building in india
The 42 Tower in india

Besides the 7th tallest building in India, “The 42” is also the highest building in Kolkata. The building is a luxurious residential complex with 65 stories. It has 56 super-luxury apartments and a duplex on the top two floors of the building. 

8. One Avighna Park, Mumbai (260 meters)

One Avighna Park building in india
One Avighna Park building in india

One Avighna Park is yet another skyscraper located in Parel. Developed by One Avighna India Ltd the building has 61 floors. Besides its tall infrastructure, this building from Mumbai is also popular for the long list of awards it has received over time.  

9. Ahuja Tower, Mumbai (248 meters)

Ahuja Tower building in india
Ahuja Tower in india

Ahuja Tower is an enticing residential complex with great aesthetics. Completed in 2013, this building 53 ultra-luxury 4BHK apartments and 6BHK limited penthouses. This skyscraper is one of the 50 tallest buildings in the world built-in 2015.  

10. Auris Serenity Tower, Mumbai (230 meters)

Auris Serenity Tower building in india
Auris Serenity Tower in india

Auris Serenity Tower, Mumbai is the tenth tallest building in India. It is also the 6th-tallest residential tower in the country. Located in Malad East, Mumbai, Auris Serenity is also the highest high-rise in the locality. 

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