The windows in your home are an essential part of the structure. They let light into your home and keep the elements out. As time goes by, it becomes more important to replace them rather than to just repair them. Here are just a few signs that it’s time to think about replacing your windows:

Your windows become difficult to operate.

Windows sometimes become very difficult to operate when a pane of glass is broken. This is not only an inconvenience but an unsafe condition. If your windows stick, don’t move smoothly, or lock and unlock with difficulty, it is high time to get new replacements. 

Your windows look outdated.

If your windows are already 15 years old or over, you should have them replaced right away. Old windows can be unsightly and reduce the overall value of your property. Replacing old, worn-out, drafty windows is an affordable way to dramatically improve the appearance and comfort of your home.

Your windows are letting in unwanted noises. 

Whether you’re trying to concentrate, sleep, relax, or just enjoy some peace and quiet—keeping outside noise out can help. One way to block unwanted noise is to replace old, damaged windows in your home. Windows can be the number one source of noise in the home, especially if there are gaps, cracks, or holes. Installing soundproof windows takes the noise out of your home, so you can enjoy peace and quiet no matter what’s going on outside.

The outside air is able to sneak into your interior.

Air leakage around windows can greatly reduce the energy efficiency of your home. If you’ve got air leaks around your windows, whether they are single or double-hung, wood-framed or vinyl, they are allowing valuable conditioned air to escape. Have your windows professionally assessed by a specialist for air leaks. 

You are receiving high energy bills.

For most homes, getting a high energy bill each month is a sign that something has gone wrong. Damaged windows around your home let in more cold or hot air than needed, which can damage your floors and walls, drive up utility bills, and make your home uncomfortable to live in. To save energy and money in your home, you should invest in a new window installation. 

Do not forget to have your AC checked by a pro

After replacing inefficient windows in your home, do not forget to also check your HVAC system for any issues. A faulty air conditioner could also be one of the reasons why you are receiving high energy bills every month. Call a qualified technician to inspect the different parts of your air conditioner. You should schedule a professional air conditioning repair before putting your unit back to storage this off-season. 

While repairing your AC by yourself seems like the easiest option to fix the issue, you could be making things even worse. If you aren’t familiar with electrical wiring and how these devices work, you could cause damage to the system, and the repair would end up costing you more. A licensed technician will have a better grasp on how to fix your unit correctly without causing any additional issues. Get in touch with the pros today!

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